Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sunset Beach

I'm working on a new mosaic design.  This one I am calling Sunset Beach.  This has some similar elements to a large mosaic that I made last year called "Some Beach".  This one is much smaller and fits on a one foot square frame.

As always, I start with a rough sketch of my mosaic on a grid.

Sunset Beach Sketch

Next, I transfer the drawing to a already prepared frame.

And then I start gluing on the tiles.

In addition to the glass tiles, I also added a few sea shells from the Gulf of Mexico.

I didn't realize how many different colors I used on this project until I started writing them down at the end.
  • Sea Shells from Panama City Beach, Florida
  • Sand - Sand A15 (Hakatai) 3/4
  • Tree - Ficus B82 (Hakatai) 3/4
  • Tree - Night Black C39 (Hakatai) 3/4
  • Tree - Tan A42 (Maryland Mosaics) 3/8
  • Tree - Terra Cota C57 (Maryland Mosaics) 3/8
  • Water - Deep Blue C81 (Hakatai) 3/4
  • Sun - Canary D2205 (Maryland Mosaics) 3/8
  • Sun - Chili Pepper D111 (Maryland Mosaics) 3/8
  • Sky - Lake Blue A01 (Hakatai) 3/4
  • Sky - Iris A31 (Maryland Mosaics) 3/4
  • Sky - Fig (Mosaic Mercantile) 3/4
And if one mosaic beach is good, two must be better.

Two Beaches

And here is the final "Sunset Beach" after grouting.

Final Sunset Beach

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