Saturday, July 26, 2014

Frog Bog

For today's project, I decided to make a couple more frogs.  This is the first time that I've tried to reproduce one of my previous creations.  I kind of had mixed emotions about doing this, but I've had several people request frogs.  So, if it is frogs they want, it is frogs they will get.  Luckily I keep a file with my previous art work and renderings. It really does make it easier to do the same piece again.

Frog Bog Grid Drawing
After transferring the drawing to my already prepared frame, I then began gluing.  I usually start with the central subject of the piece and then move to the background.  That way if I mess something up, I haven't wasted a lot of time.

Gluing the Frog
And after I completed frog number one I started immediately on frog number two.

Starting frog number two
And after gluing the glass tiles, I prepared the project for grouting using masking tape.

Preparing to Grout
And here we have the artist holding both frogs.

Two frog in hand are worth more than one in the pond
And here is the final of "Frog Bog"

Frog Bog Final

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