Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mary's Baubles

I just never know what is going to inspire me to create a mosaic.  This week as I was rooting around in my wife's craft cabinet, I discovered some wonderful glass baubles.  I instantly knew that I wanted to used them in a mosaic.

The Baubles
So I just started sketching on some blank paper and this is the design that I came up with.

The Sketch
And then I transferred the sketch to an already prepared frame.

The frame with transferred sketch and baubles
And then I filled in some tile around the baubles.  It is a lot of work cutting straight lines to fit around circles.

And finally I finished cutting and gluing.  This was actually a fairly challenging piece considering it is a picture of nothing.  And it is time to grout.  For this piece, I am using a black grout to make the lines really pop out.

And finally the piece is done.

The artist with "Mary's Baubles"
And a closeup of the final "Mary's Baubles".

Mary's Baubles

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