Saturday, July 12, 2014

Crazy Tile Shipment

So, I'm trying out a new mosaic tile vendor this week.  I put in an order for 12 pounds of tiles from a company called Hakatai. The price of the tiles is very reasonable, so I am willing to wait a week for the ground shipment via UPS.  Just for giggles, I looked up the shipment tracking information on the UPS site today.  I was amazed at all of the stops these tiles have taken since they left the vendor in Oregon on Monday, 7 July.  So far these tiles have stopped in 13 different cities.  I couldn't even put all of the cities into Google Maps since they limit you to 10 stops on a single route.

I received the shipment one week after I placed the order.  The tiles were packaged in 1 pound plastic bags and the bags were placed in a large box with lots of packing peanuts.

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