Sunday, October 6, 2013

Foxxy Lady

Foxxy Lady (Click photo for larger view)
So, I'm breaking with my tradition of not posting anything about a project until it is 100% complete.  I'm doing that for several reasons.  1) Folks keep asking me what I am working on. 2) I can't finish this project until the postal delivery system delivers some mosaic tiles to me. So, while I am waiting for my tile shipment, I am staying busy building more frames, and updating my blog.

My latest project is titled "Foxxy Lady".  I was inspired to do this project by a project that my daughter Rebecca is working on at the University of Alabama.  She is taking a graphic novel class as part of her creative writing minor. (Yes, graphic novel AKA comic books) She and a classmate are doing a story that involves a fox. Rebecca posted some rough drafts of her fox drawings on her website.  I told her that I was thinking about doing a fox mosaic and she gave me a few reference photos to study.

I figure that since I've recently done a reptile and an amphibian, it is only right that I give equal air time to the mammals. (Go Mammals!)  So after studying the reference photos that Rebecca provided, I did a few sketches and settled on this for my subject.

Rough Sketch (1 of Many)
I then took this rough drawing, refined it, added color and transferred it to a grid drawing.

Color Grid Drawing
Next I transferred the fox drawing to my already prepared Mosaic Frame.  This frame is 1' x 2' and is stained with Golden Mahogany.  

Fox on frame
And then I started cutting and gluing the pieces.  

Cutting and Gluing

I've finished gluing the fox.  The next step will be the background.

Completed Fox
That's it for today.  Hopefully the post man will deliver the tiles I am waiting for by tomorrow so that I can complete this project.  Stop back periodically and I will post additional pictures as work on this project continues.

Update on Monday, 7 Oct 2013
I received my tile shipment today and started Foxxy Lady's habitat.  First I made her a nice meadow to frolic in. Guess what the color I used for the meadow is called?  Yep, you guessed it.  It is called Meadow.
Fox with Meadow Added

Update on Tuesday, 8 Oct 2013
Progress continues.  Foxxy now has a few trees to hide behind in case something scary happens.  I think I need about one more night of gluing in order to complete this piece.

Fox with Shadows and Trees

Update on Wednesday, 9 Oct 2013
So I didn't quite finish all of the cutting and gluing on this project tonight.  I had to work really late at my day job and I just didn't want to pull an all nighter.  This is a hobby after all.  I'll just finish the last bit of sky tomorrow.

Fox with Trees and part of sky

Update on Thursday, 10 Oct 2013
The cutting and gluing is complete.  After letting the glue dry for a day or two, I will grout this project over the weekend.

Fox Mosaic Gluing Complete

Update on Saturday, 12 Oct 2013
The grouting is complete.  I decided to use a gray colored grout.  I didn't have any gray color grout, so I made some using 2 parts white and one part black.  I'm happy with the result.  It is exactly what I was going for. This mosaic is 1' x 2' and requires about one pound of grout.

Preparing to Grout
I applied the gray grout using a float and worked the grout into all of the nooks and crannies.  

Globs of Grouts
And finally here is the finished  project.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you "Foxxy Lady".

Foxxy Lady (Click on photo for larger view)

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Tile Color List - Here is the list of tiles I used on this project.
Meadow - Meadow Green - Opus Mosaics (.5 lb)
Trees - Ficus Green - Opus Mosaics (1 lb)
Tree Trunks - Oak - Opus Mosaics
Sky - Sky Blue - Opus Mosaics (.25 lb)
Shadows - Slate - Mosaic Mercantile (.1 lb)
Fox - White - Someplace
Fox - Mocha - Jennifer Mosaics 
Fox Feet - Black - Opus Mosaics
Fox Eyes - Sand - Opus Mosaics

Random Fox Facts
Mammal. The red fox is one of 21 species of fox, and the largest member of the fox family. As adults, they hunt alone, not in packs as do wolves or dogs. Their incredible sense of hearing helps them locate prey through thick grass or even in underground burrows. They use scent as a form of communication. Foxes live in dens that they dig or borrow, often using the same den for several generations. Red foxes have been the subject of many tales, depicted as cunning and sly. They are particularly clever at making friends with cats and dogs, charming them to the point where they are allowed to share the same food dish.

Omnivore. Rabbits, rodents, game birds, beetles, fruit, insects, worms and carrion.

Range of habitats, including forests, woodlands, tundra, farmland, and suburbs.

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