Thursday, October 31, 2013

Peacock Mosaic

My next mosaic is going to be a stylized rendition of a peacock.  Do I have a customer for this one?  No. This is just the first thing that jumped into my head.  And I have a bunch of bright green mosaic tiles left over from some previous pieces.

As always, we start with a rough sketch or two or three or many.

Next we refine the drawing on  a grid.

And then we transfer the drawing to our already prepared mosaic frame.

And just in case you had the impression that mosaic art isn't any fun.  Sometimes it includes crayons, wine and snacks!

Next we start cutting and gluing.

I'm am now about half way done with the gluing on this mosaic.  I need just a few more hours to finish it up.

Peacock Mosaic half way done
And now the gluing is complete.  This one took a total of 9:45 of cutting and gluing time.

Peacock Mosaic Cutting and Gluing Complete
It took me a while, but I finally got time to grout this mosaic.  Enjoy!

Peacock Mosaic Final

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