Monday, September 2, 2013

Mister Ribbit

Happy Labor Day everyone!   What did you do on your Labor Day Weekend?  In addition to a High School Football game on Friday Night, "Go Jets!"  And a College Football game on Saturday Night, "Roll Tide!" And some BBQ, etc.  I managed to work in a little time to finish up a new mosaic piece.

This one is titled "Mister Ribbit".  You know... because that's the sound that frogs make.

As always, I was just doodling on a piece of paper.  Probably during a very important meeting at work, but you'll never get me to admit that in a court of law.  Anyways, Mister Ribbit appeared on my paper.

And I thought to myself, "Self, if you were a frog, would you rather be sitting in this meeting or would you rather be out swimming in a lily pond?"  

So, after I sketched Mister Ribbit, I transferred the design to my already prepared frame and began gluing on the pieces.

Once I completed the gluing, then it was time to do the grout work.  I selected a nice dark grout for this piece.

And this to me is the scariest part of doing mosaic art.  After many hours of cutting and gluing hundreds of little pieces of glass, you slather the entire thing up with a bunch of opaque goop.  And you start wondering if your artwork will re-appear and what it might look like.  

 But alas, your worries are for not.  A little clean up work and here is your finished piece.  Ready to hang on the wall.

Mister Ribbit Complete
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