Monday, September 2, 2013

Buzz Bee

Ok,  In keeping with my recent living creatures theme, here is my latest piece titled "Buzz Bee".  You all know how I work by now.  I do a doodle.

That then translates into a slightly more detailed drawing.

And then I start madly gluing bits of broken glass onto a frame.  I say broken glass, because that is exactly what they are.  Tiny little slivers of extremely sharp glass that lay in wait for me to jab myself to the extent that I have to go running to Mary for a bandaid.  And Mary is not very sympathetic to my plight.

And after I have finished bleeding for my art, I then slather the whole thing up with a liberal application of grout.  For this piece, I decided to go with a nice sandstone grout.

And he final result is "Buzz Bee".  Say hello to the nice people Buzz Bee!

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