Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Got A New Dealer

So, I've probably mentioned this before, but I am just a little hooked on the whole mosaic thing.  It's not a terribly expensive habit, but it does cost me some money.  If I were a golfer, a round of golf would cost me a heck of a lot more than my little broken pieces of glass cost.  But everyone who knows me, knows that I am frugal.  Some would use stronger language than that, but lets just stick with frugal for now.

As a result of my frugality, I am constantly looking for was to decrease the cost of my mosaic addiction. One of my cost cutting moves was to start making my own frames for my mosaic art.  I've got them down to about $3-$4 bucks for a 1' x 2' frame.

My next move was to find a cheaper supplier of glass tiles.  I started off with retail from places like Hobby Lobby, Michael's and even good old  They typically didn't stock the colors I was looking for and the prices were just too high for the number of tiles I have been going through.  I then started shopping around online.  I've purchase tiles from several different companies including Mosaic Mercantile.  I then came across Opus Mosaics.  The prices seemed very reasonable, but I couldn't really get a good feel for their color selection from the online photos.  And each of the different companies I have purchased from has a different name for the same colors.  I noticed that Opus Mosaics had a sample board that shows each of their colors.  It just arrived today.  This will be very handy because it takes all of the guesswork out of picking the right colors.

OK, so now I just need to order some tiles for my next project.  I wonder what it will be?

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