Sunday, November 3, 2013

Covered Bridge

I started working on a new commissioned piece.  For this piece, my client provided me with some specific reference photos.  These photos are from the Pennsylvania Covered Bridges website.  My client has fond memories of playing on similar covered bridge as a child in Somerset County, Pennsylvania and wanted to capture this memory as a mosaic.

Client Reference Photo #1

Client Reference Photo #2
As part of the process, I discussed with my client what she liked and what she didn't like about the photos in order to come up with a composite sketch.  In short, my client liked the profile of bridge #1, the coloring of bridge #2, the fall foliage of bridge #1, and wanted to remove the trees from the foreground of bridge #1. Based on that we started with a sketch that captured the profile of bridge #1 and filled in the missing parts that were obscured by the foreground trees.

Initial Composite Sketch Covered Bridge
Next we added some color.  We used the general color scheme of bridge #2 and added in some fall foliage. We also added in some water which wasn't visible in the original photo.

Covered Bridge drawing with color added
As this is a commissioned piece, my next step was to get my clients approval of the drawing.  I think that I met her expectation for this step because she stated, 
"Jack, the drawing that you sent was perfect.  I like the one you chose.  Looking forward to seeing the finished mosaic."
So there you have it.  Next I transferred the drawing to the already prepared mosaic frame.  And once again, I must be doing something right because I received more positive feedback from my client.
"Jack, looks good so far, I really like the color of the frame.  Very excited!!"
Covered Bridge Drawing Transferred to Mosaic Frame
Now I start the cutting and gluing.  The framework of the bridge was very time consuming (1.5 hours), but that part is now done.  The rest of the project should be easy in comparison.

Covered Bridge White Framework Completed
It has been a busy week and I haven't had much of an opportunity to work on this piece.  But I finally got a chance to spend some quality time on it this evening.  After about 5 hours of cutting and gluing, I am now approaching the half way point.  The trees and sky will actually be easier since they will mostly be triangles. Triangles are easy to cut and glue together.

Covered Bridge about half way glued

The last bit of cutting and gluing I have to do on the project is the fall foliage.  For this portion of the project, I am using Canary, Meadow, Bright Green and Pumpkin cut into triangles.

Cut Tiles for Trees
I finally finished cutting and gluing the covered bridge piece.  It took about 12 hours to cut and glue this piece.
Covered Bridge Cutting and Gluing Complete
And this piece is complete.  A couple of days of drying and off it goes to its new home.

Covered Bridge Mosaic Final
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Tile Colors for this project
Bridge - Tomato, China White, Night Black
Abutment - Mini Slate
Grass - Meadow and Bright Green Mix
Trees - Oak, Canary, Pumpkin, and Bright Green
Sky - Sky Blue
Water - Deep Blue
Road - Sand

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