Saturday, August 24, 2013

Moon Tree

So, unlike my last 2' x 5' monstrosity, I decided to do a decidedly smaller mosaic as I explore this medium. This project is only 1' x 1'.  I figure that if I do some smaller projects, I can explore some different techniques and textures without being committed to a month's worth of effort.

Step 1 starts with a doodle.  I do lots of doodles before something speaks to me.  

Step 2 is a grid drawing that refines the colors and overlays the drawing on a grid

Step 3 is to build the mosaic backing.  I'm not doing anything too fancy.  1' x 1' piece of 1/4 inch plywood.  2" x 2" lumber with a slot down the middle and then cut to 45 degree angles.  and the whole thing glued and sanded.  I usually make a few of these frames at a time.

Step 4 is to trace the drawing onto the backing board.

Step 5 is to start gluing on the tiles.  This piece had a lot more cut pieces than my last project.

Step 6 is to apply the grout.  I went with a much darker grout for this piece.

Step 7 is to finish and clean

And there you have the "Moon Tree"

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