Sunday, January 17, 2016

Snowy Owl

Today's mosaic is a snowy owl. I just happened across a snowy owl when I was surfing the internet one day and thought he was a cool looking bird. I started sketching and came up with the drawing that you see here.
Snowy Owl Sketch
Next I transferred the drawing to a frame.

Snowy Owl Sketch on Frame
I will happily admit that this was a challenging piece. I can only cut the glass tiles to a certain size. I tried to give the piece a level of detail while still maintaining a minimal tile size.

Snowy Owl Cut and Glue Partial
After completing the owl, I began working with the background. I went with a stony field and a blue sky. Lots of shiny bits.

Snowy Owl Cut and Glue Complete
Here is the final piece. The owl is roughly 1 foot by 1 foot.

Snowy Owl Final
The tiles wrap around the side of the piece.

Snowy Owl Side

Here are some Snowy Owl Fun Facts (Source: National Wildlife Federation)

  • Brrr! Snowy owls live farther north than any other kind of owl in North America!
  • Fine Feathers! A dense coat of feathers keeps a snowy owl warm during frigid winters. Even the owl’s toes and claws are thickly feathered!
  • Early Risers. Most owls sleep during the day and are active at night. But not snowies! They are out and about during the day, especially at dawn and dusk.
  • Lemmings for Lunch. A snowy’s favorite food is a small, hamster-like rodent called a lemming. In years when there are lots of lemmings in an area, you’ll find plenty of snowy owls there, too. But when lemming numbers fall, so does the snowy owl population.
  • Shhh! A snowy spends much of the day silently perched on a high lookout, keeping an eye--and ear--out for prey. When it spots a meal, it swoops down, making a short, low flight, and nabs it with its sharp talons.
  • Coming Near You? If you live in the northern plains, New York, or New England, chances are good you’ll see snowy owls in the winter. The birds are “regulars” here at that time of year.
  • Down the Hatch! Snow owls often swallow their prey whole in one big, gulp.
  • Don’t Mess with a Snowy! A snowy will attack any predators, including wolves, that threaten its ground nest.
  • Whatchamacallits. Snowy owls have lots of names: Ghost Owls, Tundra Ghosts, Arctic Owls, and Great White Owls.
  • Keeping Their Cool. During hot weather, snowy owls stay cool by panting and spreading out their wings.

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