Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sea Turtle 2.0

This is the first mosaic in my new 2.0 technique. If you've looked at my previous pieces, they all have a wooden frame around them.  For this piece I decided to use a flat frame and wrap the mosaic tile around the outside.  I like the way this turned out and I will certainly be doing some more pieces using this technique.

I decided to recycle a previously used design for a sea turtle.  Sea Turtle 1.0 as I will now call him lives in Richmond, VA.

Sea Turtle Sketch
Next I prepared a frame and transferred my sketch.

Frame with Sketch
Then I started cutting and gluing.  I used some fancier mosaic tiles for this piece that have metal mixed in with the glass.

Cutting and Gluing
Here is the piece after I finished the cutting and gluing.

Cutting and Gluing Complete
And here is the final piece after I did the grouting.

Sea Turtle 2.0 Final
Here is a photo taken from the side. I like the way the piece hangs snugly against the wall yet has a little bit a depth.

Sea Turtle 2.0 from Side

And here is a smaller version of Sea Turtle 2.0.

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